Online Classes

Learn creative coding for your visual and musical projects.

If you’re working on creative coding projects, or want to get into the field, it would be my pleasure to help you with online classes. The lessons would be delivered via Zoom, or any other videochat platform you might prefer.

Depending on your needs, we could build a personalized curriculum that would allow you to progress at a satisfying and engaging pace. Despite being a highly technical field, creative coding can be remarkably fun and intuitive to learn. I believe that a student can find enjoyment at every step of the way, if the learning curve is just steep enough to be exciting, but not enough to be intimidating.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions about your creative ideas and how I might help you to achieve them.

Specific areas of expertise

p5.js, SuperCollider, WebGL Shaders, audioreactive projects, cellular automata, chaotic and dynamical systems.

About your teacher

My creative coding journey began with Introduction to Programming for the Visual Arts with p5.js, a free online course by Lauren McCarthy, Chandler McWilliams, and Casey Reas. My learning continued with Daniel Shiffman’s excellent videos for The Coding Train. I then started to code to compose and perform music with the help of the SuperCollider Tutorials from Eli Fieldsteel.

I’ve been involved in creative coding and generative art since 2016, and prior to that I studied and worked in the arts, mostly in animation film, and also in independent comics, and illustration.

Best of luck with all your projects, and let me know if you think I might be able to help you along the way.